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Jaipur Realty provide many other services like civil construction, plastering, masonry, POP, flooring, false ceiling, steel fabrication, wooden work, wooden polishing, extensions/ additions/ modification and wall painting. In short, we can completely renovate your residential, industrial and commercial area into an area that you have dreamt of.

When you renovate your area of living or working, you basically create an environment where you want to say. The environment in which you stay can affect your productivity and mood and therefore, it becomes very important to design a place according to your wish. Jaipur Realty is a company that can renovate your area in a manner that you are satisfied with.

Renovation work and civil construction work comes with many challenges and by working with many big companies and clients, we have gained the experience and expertise to tackle those challenges smoothly.

How does Jaipur Realty convert your normal kitchen into a modular one?

As we have said before, we also work for creating a modular kitchen. If you are in for a renovation work for your kitchen, you will be glad to know that we have all the latest equipment for creating a modular kitchen. We optimize the space of the kitchen in a manner that you will like to work in it and also, we take proper care of the safety in the kitchen. We are experts in creating an eco-friendly kitchen.

Jaipur Realty provides the best renovation and construction work services and now you know how we do it. If you contact our client, you will know that Jaipur Realty is best known for providing flawless services in the domain of real estates.
Jaipur Realty takes all kind of renovation and remodeling projects. We have a highly professional team that can start from the scratch to work on your idea of your ideal place. We are always free to handle your queries and concerns in the entire duration of the project just to make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of it. The most important reason for choosing us is that we will create your dream place without burning a hole in your pocket! No matter, whether you want a traditional or a contemporary kind renovation, we are in for all. Give Jaipur Realty an opportunity to convert your dream place into a real one. You will be happy about the fact that you have chosen Jaipur Realty when you will see the outcome of the project!

Apart from that, you also get the option of renovating a particular room of your house or office. Do you want to renovate your bathroom? We will do it by using the innovation and art technology. All the material that we use to get our job done is eco-friendly. They are high in quality but will be available to you at a budget friendly price.

Why should you renovate and remodel your house or office?

After a certain period of time, refurbishment becomes necessary for bringing a change in the area where you are living and working to give you a refreshing feeling. Also, in this fast paced world, renovating once in a while is recommended to live the luxuries of the life. And most often, after a few years, things get a bit damaged due to unknown circumstances and the best way to repair it is by renovating and remodeling that area.

There might be many companies in Jaipur that can renovate your place but none of them is like Jaipur Realty. We stand out in the crowd of the other civil construction companies because of the following features:

We have a team of professionals that have an in-depth knowledge and understanding about the renovation techniques that are required to make the work done without spending extra money.

  • We have a good networking in the market and as a result, we can get you high-grade raw materials at a very low cost for renovating purpose.
  • We mostly use noiseless techniques to get the work done, so that your neighbors don’t complain and an environment-friendly operation take place smoothly.
  • The specifications given by the client is given the utmost priority and we work by keeping the needs of the clients as a base.
  • We respect the deadline. You can be sure that the work that you have given us will be completed well within the stipulated time.
  • We give you reports about the progress of the project from time to time so that you can be in the line of the things that are being done by us.
  • We use materials of prime quality to renovate and remodel your house and office.
  • We can maintain the originality of the structure of your home and office if you want us to do that.
  • We provide our high-quality services at a reasonable price.
  • While renovating and remodeling, we take care of all the safety measures of your place to minimize the risk.
  • We are completely transparent and honest with our work. We will provide you with regular updates about the progress that has been made.
  • We have a friendly approach to meet the demands of the client.

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Rameshwar Dhayal

Mr Rameshwar Dhayal started his career in Construction Industry in the year 1990. After working for almost 5 years in so many construction and real estate companies, He realised the lack of quality products in the industry and had seen the dissatisfaction among the customers. So in the year 1995, he himself decided to come with his own Construction Company called Jaipur Realty which is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. The Company is Also Registered in Service Tax, Sales Tax, GST. Mr Dhayal brings considerable multi-functional expertise in a number of different areas throughout the business including Management, finance, operations, marketing, sales and business strategy.